Basic Epidemiology (N486RN)


Course Description Credits Course Type Code
N480RN Transitions I: Differentiated Learning Credits: 3 Crs Type: N
N481RN Transitions II: Differentiated Clinical Reasoning Credits: 4 Crs Type: N
N482RN Using Evidence Based Professional Practices Credits: 3 Crs Type: N
N483RN Catholic Principles of Healthcare Ethics Credits: 4 Crs Type: N
N484RN Leadership & Professional Engagement Credits: 4 Crs Type: N

Course Memo

Basic Epidemiology introduces the basic concepts of epidemiology and bio-statistics as applied to public health problems. emphasis is placed on the principles and methods of epidemiological investigation, appropriate summaries and displays of data, and the use of classical statistical approaches to describe the health of populations. Topics include the dynamic behavior of disease; usage of rates, ratios and proportions; methods of direct and indirect adjustment, and clinical life table which measures and describes the extent of disease problems. 3 credit hours Prerequisites: N480, N481, N482, N483, N484.

Course Section Description

This course meets the second 8 weeks of the term in-seat on 10/17, 10/24, 11/14, 12/12.