Community Health Nursing (N420)


Course Description Credits Course Type Code
N310 Foundations of Nursing Practice Credits: 4 Crs Type: N
N311 Concepts & Practice of Adult Health Deviations Credits: 4 Crs Type: N
N312 Nursing Care of Infants & Children Credits: 4 Crs Type: N
N314 Maternal-Newborn Nursing Credits: 4 Crs Type: N
N317 Adult Health Deviations Credits: 3 Crs Type: R
N319 Pathopharmacology II Credits: 4 Crs Type: N
N326 Nursing Research Credits: 3 Crs Type: R
N332 Cultural/Spiritual Aspects PT Care Credits: 2 Crs Type: R
N401 Nrsg Care of Adult w/Cmplx Hlth Dev Credits: 8 Crs Type: R

Course Memo

Community Health Nursing synthesizes theory, research and practice related to population-focused nursing care with emphasis on the health of individuals, families and aggregates within communities. Concepts covered include the integration of levels of prevention, health promotion and disease prevention. Emphasis is on assisting patients in various wellness states to reach optimal health with practice in a variety of community health setting. (Prerequisites: Junior level and Senior I courses or permission of the Dean.)

Course Section Description

Course meets the second 8 weeks of the term