Master’s Project- Project Initiation (PR670)

PREREQUISITE COURSES FOR Master’s Project- Project Initiation

Course Description Credits Course Type Code
M512 Intermediate Statistics Credits: 3 Crs Type: G
N502 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice & Professional Roles Credits: 4 Crs Type: G
N514 Principles of Nursing Research Credits: 3 Crs Type: G

Course Memo

The master's project is an in-depth synthesis and analysis of a topic of significance to the nursing profession. This course may include pilot projects, integrative literature reviews, EBP (Evidence Based Practice) projects, in-depth evaluation projects, and other projects as approved. In the initiation phase of project development, the student will obtain approval for the project topic, complete a project proposal and obtain IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval if applicable in conjunction with the advisor. Prerequisites: N502, M512, N514